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"About Time Clockmaking" Description: The home page of About Time Clockmaking with links to free technical clock articles in .pdf format.

"Antique Pocket Watch .COM" Description: Would you like to start collecting Pocket Watches but are not sure what to buy? Or maybe you need some information about Pocket Watch makers? Or values, serial numbers, cases, parts, mechanisms...?

"Extreme Restoration .COM" Description: Companion site for the book Extreme Restoration. Numerous clock restortion techniques including special finishes such as tortoise shell, faux wood grain and gilding. Information on label preservation and other restoration/conservation topics.

"NAWCC Members Forum" is restricted to members of the NAWCC, but it is an independent entity, and is not managed, sanctioned, sponsored, or funded by the Association. All views expressed on the Forum are those of its individual contributors.

"Pocket Watch Site" features antique and vintage pocket watches for sale. Pocket Watch Site also offers expert antique pocket watch service and repair! We specialize in American pocket watches, from such companies as Elgin, Hampden, Rockford, Seth Thomas, South Bend, Waltham, Illinois and Hamilton. We sell lower priced "everyday" type pocket watches to higher grade Railroad grade pocket watches.

"THE WATCH CABINET" Description: A pictorial history of pocket watches 1700-1908 (mostly British and European), together with a glossary of horological terms, tables of English hallmarks, notes on escapements and descriptions of simple repair techniques for fusee watches.


"VietNam Paradise Travel" features the cheapest rates among the hotels, rooms, tours, and car wholesalers around VietNam. We offer the greatest deal and unbeatable prices which you can never get from other agents.