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Horology -The science of measuring time. The art of making instruments for indicating time.

Free Virtual Museum

     Web Horologists is providing free horological picture galleries of members collections.

     This "Virtual Museum" provides clock, pocket watch, wrist watch, and other horological photos and descriptions. These photos are provided by chapter members to display their collections and items of interest for public education. All photos and descriptions are copyrighted by their donor and Web Horologists and are not to be reproduced except by written permission.

     For those members desiring to participate, please contact me at kirxklox. For web security purposes it is desirable to provide all pictures and descriptions to me by CD or my new Form eMail system Virtual Museum Request Form.

     It is recommended that at least three pictures of each item be provided.
           1) Full frontal view
           2) Dial
           3) Movement
           4) Any unusual characteristics
Please add a .txt or .doc file to each item identifing it and giving any resources used to identify it.

     Please provide instructions on how you desire to be identified as to being the donor and owner of your intellectual property. I usually attach "Courtesy of Your Name" to all pictures or to the ALBUM itself. We will maintain your privacy if requested.

     You can mail the CD to:

           Kirx Klox L. C.
           PO Box 57
           Dardanelle AR 72834

     Please, enjoy the collecting and research of your Favorite Collectibles!